Thursday, 8 December 2011


Last night, after a long ride with my team, I attended the AIDS Walk Dance off fundraiser. Cassie from my team is one of the walkers/fundraisers. During one of our rides I had shared with her the name of one of my niece's dolls, "Sparkilina."

If you recall, my niece, Sophia, has another doll, "Dolly," who has been with her for almost 2 years. Dolly no longer has much hair to speak of and she has undergone surgery after a blowdryer, um, incident. But she is still the favorite of the ever-growing, non-human contingency of companions for Sophia. My niece has an extensive wardrobe for Dolly, which includes her "borrowing" diapers from my brand new nephew.

Sparkilina is new. She is the Gina Glocksen of Cabbage Patch Kids, complete with the shocking red hair stripe. My niece surely loves her. She's held a few birthday parties for Sparkilina (we had to bake a cake for each one).

Stories about Sophia and her little friends have given us hours of entertainment. During our long training rides, my teammates and I talk about everything; cycling, clothes, food, family. When Sparkilina's name came up, Cassie decided adopt it during the dance-off last night.

Sparkilina the dancer was a big hit! Congratulations to Cassie and her friends for a fun, successful event.

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